Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 fixes, Part 1

In previous post I mentioned that there is a huge list of fixes and changes for service pack 1.

Here are my picks of fixes and improvement scheduled for this SP.

In second part I'll choose ArcSDE, Image Server and ArcIMS fixes.


ArcGIS Desktop

  • NIM006247 - Saving shape file edits more than eight times in ArcMap leads to slower and slower performance.
  • NIM008317 - Inserted Excel spreadsheets, as an object in maps, display as black boxes when exported to PDF (xls and xlxs) on Office 2007 machines. EMF is fine.
  • NIM008646 - If the Geographic Transformation is not set when data from a personal geodatabase or SDE is initially added to ArcMap, setting the transformation at a later time through Data Frame Properties > Coordinate System tab > Transformations will not transform the data.
  • NIM012443 - The IDW interpolation tool in Spatial Analyst ignores the maximum distance settings in search radius settings.
  • NIM033727 - Converting symbology to representation with the 'Features in current extent' option chosen does not complete properly.
  • NIM034181 - Calculate Field tool causes application (ArcMap, ArcCatalog) to hang when working with large datasets and sequential calculations.
  • NIM034907 - A crash will occur if the Contour tool is used on a large, pre-93 file geodatabase.
  • NIM035106 - Application failure when using the SHAPE" field in the Select By Attributes command."
  • NIM035125 - New features created in checkout are not synchronized after adding globalid to parent replica.
  • NIM035317 - When you have a subtype defined for a field that is of type Short – the subtype description is not displayed in Get Unique Values lists found on dialogs\windows where the SQL Query Builder is used.
  • NIM035692 - Add support for third-party tiled Internet services into ArcGlobe.
  • NIM035876 - Using classified renderer on a large raster dataset will receive unexpected error message in ArcGIS 9.3 final.
  • NIM035931 - Connections to ArcSDE SQL Server Express geodatabases from ArcMap are not being closed successfully when a new map document is started without restarting ArcMap. This can cause SQL Server Express database detach operations to fail.
  • NIM036057 - Repeated conversions of labels to annotation with append mode can result in duplicate label classes being created when they shouldnot be created.
  • NIM036446 - Representation rules with identical internal identifiers can lead to data corruption.
  • NIM036799 - Performance of the Dissolve tool is poor when the data contains a lot of features that are not candidates to be dissolved.
  • NIM036816 - Contour tool fails with error 999999 and creates and empty feature class when output is written to a geodatabase.
  • NIM036971 - Exporting attributes to PDF results in incorrect values for fields using a number format.
  • NIM037274 - ArcSDE (for SQL Server Express) connections are not being released when a map document is closed but ArcMap remains open.
  • NIM037410 - Exporting attributes to PDF is not preserving alias names for fields.
  • NIM037580 - Crash due to lack of memory while building a spatial index for a complex polygon.
  • NIM037689 - Maplex street labeling is much slower than at ArcGIS 9.2 for some cases.
  • NIM037819 - When a model is invalid, then repaired and saved, the red X on the model does not go away.
  • NIM037888 - Exporting attributes to PDF drops the value of a field called NAME when layer is using unique value renderer.
  • NIM037960 - When setting transparencies in ArcGlobe, features in the background are displayed in the foreground.
  • NIM038064 - Crash from Style Manager caused by representation rules with custom geometric effects when opening representation Rules style gallery.
  • NIM038087 - When there is a drop down window in the SQL expression control, the expression typed into the control will be lost when the query builder dialog is launched.
  • NIM038157 - Update Data Interop to include all available Transformers in FME2008.
  • NIM038158 - Update FME engine to current FME2008 build 5208 or higher.
  • NIM038159 - Update Data Interop to include all available Formats in FME2008.


 ArcGIS Server

  • NIM013509 - ArcGIS Server ImageService WMS SVG output is not available.
  • NIM033991 - WMS identify shows original field names instead of alias.
  • NIM035825 - Unable to write to Blob field on mobile device.
  • NIM036507 - Publishing an image service (using publish wizard) does not write some properties to the config file.
  • NIM037827 - ArcGIS server at 9.3 supports WFS 1.1. Most 3rd party (non ESRI) WFS clients currently support WFS 1.0. ArcGIS Server 9.3 Service Pack 1 now supports the WFS 1.0 to assist with interoperability. The WFS 1.0 support is read only and does not support transactions.


 .Net Manager

  • NIM035620 - The HTML editor in the Layer Format editor does not work in Firefox 3.
  • NIM035634 - For web application settings, a previously entered IP address for host always displays a warning message.
  • NIM036583 - Remove hard-coded e-mail address from Login and PasswordRecovery pages.

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