Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 fixes, Part 2

Here is a second part of list of fixes planned for SP1. Again, this is my pick from a very long list. These are fixes and new features for ArcSDE, Image Server and ArcIMS.


Image Server

  • NIM012408 - Cannot add GRID (non-elevation) dataset.
  • NIM035966 - Cannot add raster from file geodatabase.
  • NIM036476 - Need improved documentation on SAN storage setup for ArcGIS Image Server--especially user account permissions.
  • NIM037443 - The JPEG world file is not read for a JPEG file if the extension is *.jpgw.
  • NIM037449 - Generating a histogram for a large dataset increases memory usage and eventually hangs.
  • NIM037628 - Defining a port, other than 3982, is not used for the Server.
  • NIM038015 - Add "ArcSDE Raster Dataset" to raster types list
  • NIM038017 - JPEG 2000 JPX files are not added correctly.
  • NIM038042 - Some JPEG 2000 headers cannot be read because the affine transformation is incorrectly translated (if read from the world file), and the rotation may not be taken into account.
  • NIM038081 - The pyramids of an ArcSDE raster dataset are not read.



  • NIM005384 - Memory Leak in ST_Intersection - EXTPROC.EXE grows indefinitely while processing.
  • NIM033768 - The '-r' option does not work for the ArcSDE 'shp2sde -o init' command utility. The option works fine in previous versions of ArcSDE.
  • NIM033557 - There has to be something contained within the Double Quotes for a sde dbtune parameter.
  • NIM035236 - When sdeimport into STGEOMETRY is allowed to build the spatial index by default, the creation of the spatial index takes significantly longer than SDELOB.
  • NIM035335 - Unable to create multi-version views.
  • NIM035810 - The Mosaic tool is very slow when trying to mosaic to a large SDE raster dataset that has a pyramid.
  • NIM036561 - ArcSDE for Oracle: memory leaks encountered when reconciling versions or performing a large number of update operations.
  • NIM037121 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Attempting to rename a table can fail with an underlying DBMS error.
  • NIM037727 - SQL Server 2008: New Geometry & Geography layers sometimes get inconsistent values in gsize column(s) of sde_layers table. The grids should always be -6,0,0 but some have other values, depending on the method used to create them.
  • NIM037943 - SQL Server 2008: In some cases enabling archiving on a Feature Class loaded with the Geometry keyword causes a "Violation of check constraint" error.
  • NIM038061 - Build projection engine libraries on Linux with gcc rather than g++. Using g++ adds an unnecessary dependency on the library.
  • NIM038152 - The sdemon command crashes ArcSDE service when trying to kill all active connections with Unix only.
  • NIM038198 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Unable to register a table with an st_geometry attribute containing more than one spatial index grid level.



  • NIM031617 - Identify tool on a WMS service within the Portal Map Viewer returns an invalid xml.
  • NIM034688 - Searching with 2 or more disjunctive works against the CSW Connector generates an exception.
  • NIM034773 - IMS ignores search order defined in the AXL request for the cloned layer.
  • NIM035168 - Links to preview graphics in ESRI-ISO metadata records do not appear in the Dublin Core records.
  • NIM035367 - GETFEATURES fails if Featureclass has a Subtype defined.


This list is very likely to get bigger before release of the patch in November. New updates will be posted on ESRI support site as usual.

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