Monday, September 22, 2008

PLTS 9.3 Nautical Solution Patch 1 released

ESRI has released a patch for it's high end cartography extension, Production Line Tool Set. In particular this patch is for Nautical Solution.

This is a list of fixes for this patch:

  • 26065 S-57 to Geodatabase—Depth units not set correctly during import
  • 29459 Documentation—Need to add maintenance information regarding log files and sql express
  • 30765 Populate—Receiving message about failure inside topology engine
  • 30879 Populate—Receiving "Object Reference not set" error
    33838 Product Refresher—Receiving error after SpatialAttributeL features have been inserted
  • 33922 Documentation—Need documentation on Advanced Configuration
  • 33950 Documentation—Add 180° Grid scenario to charting production procedures
  • 34086 Product Refresher removing collection records
  • 34241 ClosingLinesL not listed in product XMLs as a support table
  • 34269 No compilation scale message on Start Editing
  • 35166 S-57 to Geodatabase - PLTS_COMP_SCALE not being set correctly for PLTS_SpatialAttributeL features
  • 35387 Group Selected Soundings—Duplicate NOID values prevented soundings from being grouped
  • 35495 GNtM2.xml cluster tolerance needs to be updated
    35582 Nautical Post not executing when called in conflict version
  • 35687 Product Refresher removing Linear Depth Area features
  • 35744 S-57 Metadata—Populate is incorrectly storing ISDT and UADT values, which opens a blank Metadata form during export


Full details are available here including the download location.

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