Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CityEngine 2014.1 released

New version of CityEngine, 2014.1 is released. It is not a major release but there are new features and bug fixes.

Here are new features:

new operations:
  • deleteHoles operation.
new functions:
  • geometry.nHoles function.
  • geometry.isClosedSurface function.
new CGA Utility Library functions:
  • listTerminate function
new features:
  • alignScopeToGeometry, convexify, envelope, cleanupGeometry, innerRect, scatter, setback, shape{L|U|O} and reduceGeometry operations and geometry.isClosedSurface, geometry.area (with selector) functions: holes in polygons are now supported.
  • convexify, innerRect, offset, shape{L|U|O} operations: uv coordinates and vertex normals are not deleted anymore but interpolated for new inner vertices.
  • convexify, innerRect, offset operations: result is not planarized anymore.
  • color, operation: support for setting opacity (alpha).

In short better support for holes and addition of colour transparency.

Changes to existing features:
  • Changed the defaults for recursion detection:
    • Maximum derivation depth: from 99 to 1024.
    • Maximum derivation width: from 50000 to 100000.
    • Maximum function call depth: from 256 to 1024.
  • Optimized function memory overhead (i.e. more interleaved functions beyond the default limit are possible now before crash - actual limit depends on platform & function).
  • Collada reader: added support for polygons with holes.
  • str function and print, report operations: made float-to-string conversion independent of locale (some numbers might be formatted differently now).
  • Internal geometry cleanup: improved handling of illegal holes (overlapping holes, wrong vertex order).

That's it for initial post. More information fill follow when I get more time to try it out.

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