Thursday, December 12, 2013

New in CityEngine 2013 - Part 4

Street improvements

In the last post I describe the situation when I import land parcel and road centrelines and the problem there is that parcels don't have defined street edge/frontage. In 2012 one can select the required edge of a parcel and set it as First/Street edge. To do that for whole lot you had to reach to Python. With Python script there were cases requiring multiple runs but it was doable. With CE 2013 new option is available - 'Compute First/Street Edges'.

Running this on example parcels and roads from previous post red shows the street edges.

This is great improvement and I'll use this on regular basis.

Another new feature is ability to create more realistic motorway/freeway connections/intersections. Here is an example of default smart type of intersection.

After selecting the node I can change it to 'Freeway' to achieve this:

This of course changes the shape of road segment and the changes are as below.

The last option I'll test today is changing the curves from straight to curves. There are no changes here so example pictures will suffice.

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