Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New in CityEngine 2013 - Part 1

After a long wait CityEngine 2013.1 is finally released. At the moment it is available for distributors only but general release will follow in few days.

Here I'll describe new features as I encounter them while working with CE 2013. This is by no means ranking or other "top X features" list.

Here we go!


If you already have CE 2012 you can install CE 2013 in different folder (default location is fine) and having single use I didn't have to do anything license wise. Furthermore, now I can run both versions on my machine! Not in the same time of course. As usual, we have examples and tutorials available for download. These are updated for new version but I don't expect any dramatic changes.


New City Wizard looks very much like the old one. It is still using same heightfield, texture and obstacle map.

New are the structure of the assets folders and large number of textures (400+).  Also we now have 80 new trees created by e-on software in 3 different forms. These are handled by a separate rule in the wizard.

Fan tree

Model tree

Analytical tree

There is a new addition to user interface - a progress bar when generating models.

Of course, new rules are driving the City Wizard but I didn't have time yet to explore and learn from this example.

That's it for now, more to come.

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