Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AGX 900 SDK documentation update

ArcGIS Explorer 900 is proving to be an exiting product with many improvements over previous release. ESRI has now updated help documentation. This is quite nice because by default AGX uses on-line version of the help.

If you are an end user and IT department does not let AGX to access help over the internet local version can be downloaded  from ArcGIS Explorer Download Center (very bottom of the page). Once you download it unzip it to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Explorer. and then AGX will use local version of the help.

Updated SDK documentation includes:

  • New How To guides on the common topics of How to work with symbols and How to work with GIS services.
  • Corrections to the Mapping namespace diagram to add the missing classes GeoRSSLayer, Basemap, and MapItemFile.
  • Additional component help for the Mapping namespace (for example, the undocumented members of the Popup, KmlLayer, MapItemFile, Symbol, and ImageOverlay classes).
  • New example code sections for the Mapping and Geometry namespaces.
  • And numerous additional corrections and additions throughout the remainder of the component and conceptual help.


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