Thursday, November 26, 2009

GIS Wikipedia is alive

As ESRI user I am used to visit support center in search for software requirements, technical articles or description of workaround and known bugs. Now ESRI has created a new Wiki site

Even if it is initiated by ESRI Wiki.GIS is not about ESRI, it is about GIS and us, users being successful in what we do day to day. is a community-generated, GIS-centric encyclopedia that serves as a repository for factual, unbiased GIS content. will seek to involve the GIS community in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration of conceptual GIS information. will use the passion and knowledge each one of you has, in order to offer another resource for users to help others. All content ownership will be shared by the GIS community

There is already reasonable amount of content there including list of all ESRI software, 32 free software packages and Google Earth section with 5 pages.

As described below it is up to us to make this work.

The success of depends on the contributions of GIS professionals, students, and the GIS community-at-large. We invite all the people who have a common interest in sharing GIS knowledge and ideas to create a login account on and then begin editing existing pages or adding their own GIS-related content to the wiki. We have a list of requested pages on the wiki for which we are seeking content, but please feel free to add more topics/content as you deem fit. All unbiased GIS-related content is welcome.


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