Monday, July 7, 2008

What's new in ArcGIS 9.3 - General

ArcGIS 9.3 is now shipping and you can expect to get your copy in next month or two. In the meantime I'll put a number of posts describing new features of ArcGIS 9.3.


New license manager

At this release ESRI is shipping a new version of license manager - FLEXNet Publisher 11.4. You will have to use this license manager for 9.3 and you can use it for all 9.X licenses. This license manager now runs on Vista and 64bit versions of Windows. It also fixes problems when accessing license manager via RDP. If you are one of few users using options file, MAX option now works correctly.

NOTE: Previously released license manager update can't be used to serve 9.3 licenses even if it is the same version number.


64bit support

ArcGIS Desktop will run as 32bit application under 64bit windows. ArcReader on 64bit Solaris and Linux will run as 64bit. ArcGIS Server (AGS) and ArcIMS are 32bit applications. Make sure your preferred web server is supported under 64bit windows.

For ArcSDE things are looking better - it is available as 64bit application for Solaris, HPUX, HP Itanium and AIX. For Windows it is just 32bit application under 64bit windows.


Crash handling

When ArcGIS crashes it will now generate a report that can be e-mailed to ESRI for research. You can supply your e-mail address to provide any additional information to ESRI. It would be nice to be able to specify an e-mail address for crash reports. Being international distributor we are handling all support calls for New Zealand it would help us to get these reports. I'll do some research on this topic but for now it does not seems to be customizable.


Resource centres

There are quite few resource centres now available for ArcGIS products/technologies. For accessing them (or at least some) you have to log on using your global account. They may not be up and running perfectly (Desktop is still asking for Release Candidate 1 pass code...)

ArcGIS Desktop:
ArcGIS Engine:
ArcGIS Server:
ArcGIS Mobile:
ArcGIS Image Server:
ArcGIS Explorer:

My favourite is Mapping Centre with excellent Blog and 'Ask A Cartographer' section.


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