Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GIS for Dummies

I am GIS consultant. If you have not heard of GIS maybe this new book will help - "GIS for Dummies". It is available for purchase on Wiley Publishers web site for US$25. Here is what it's about:


An easy-to-understand reference for navigating through geographic information systems (GIS)
This guide avoids equations, computer codes, and overwhelming detail and instead provides a clear explanation as to how GIS technology captures, stores, counts, characterizes, integrates, analyzes, and displays data about the earth. Readers will benefit from its understandable approach to topics such as spatial and mapping concepts, the various components of GIS systems, and the process of designing and implementing a GIS system.
Michael N. DeMers (Las Cruces, NM) is Department Head of Geology at New Mexico State University. He is also the CEO of DeMers Geographics, a company dedicated to providing GIS materials for educational purposes.



If I see it in a bookstore I'll have a look to see what do they cover, especially in the "Design and implement a GIS system" section.

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