Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ArcGIS 9.2 SP 6 released

Latest service pack  - 6 for ArcGIS 9.2 was released three days ago and modified today. The service pack can be downloaded from Downloads on ESRI Support page. Service pack 6 is available for Desktop, Server, Image server and ArcIMS.

Here is a collection of my picks for each of the patches.


ArcGIS Desktop, Engine and Server 

There are 97 fixes total for the desktop. Here are interesting ones.

  • NIM005525 - (dup. NIM035014): ArcMap incorrectly renders as transparent all white (RGB value of 255, 255, 255) areas of an ArcGIS Server Map Service. Areas of the map service where this occurs may not be consistent due to two reasons. First, the resampling of the image may slightly change the RGB value of white areas from 255, 255, 255 (which will be transparent) to another value, e.g., 254, 255, 255 (which will not be transparent). Second, a cached map service may respond with an image rendered on the fly instead of an image stored in the cache. The server does this when an image does not exist in the cache or is unavailable. The server creates an image on the fly. The areas in the image that are of RGB value 255, 255, 255, will be transparent. This issue does not affect pre-rendered caches.
  • NIM006017 - Extents for a MrSID file are not read correctly in ArcGIS 9.2 if the .aux contains a polynomial order > 1.
  • NIM006127 - Using Copy Raster fails with JPG 2000 if the output is greater than 4GB.
  • NIM006830 - Definition queries do not work on non-OID tables, including xy event layers.
  • NIM007535 - When applying classify renderer to a raster catalog, user defined class breaks are not retained within a map document.
  • NIM007801 - Cannot specify an output format other than a GRID with the TIN to Raster command.
  • NIM008456 - After adding data from a file geodatabase, the Up one level button crashes the application.
  • NIM009685 - Raster symbology minimum/maximum renderer does not maintain changes to the layer properties.
  • NIM011023 - Deleting or renaming a Cartographic Representation from a feature class causes ArcMap to crash when opening a .mxd.
  • NIM013328 - Application fails when writing rows into a file geodatabase within an edit session.
  • NIM031043 - Histogram colors do not match the Table of Contents colors if the raster has negative values in the Spatial Analyst toolbar.
  • NIM031638 - When used with a file geodatabase, a where clause of the form "current_date - DATE_LEFT > 365" (where DATE_LEFT is a field of date type) should return all dates greater than a year old. Instead, It returns Invalid SQL.
  • NIM032001 - ITable.DeleteSearchedRows does not honor query build with ISpatialFilter if the operation is not enclosed in Start/Stop Editing.
  • NIM032305 - Replica synchronization fails when field types other than long integer are used to define a relationship class included in the replica.
  • NIM032435 - Data Extract failure to file geodatabase when an index references fully qualified field names.
  • NIM032480 - Windows Vista only: Viewing metadata in ArcCatalog and exporting metadata using the Export Metadata dialog box in ArcCatalog fails with Vista SP1.
  • NIM032607 - The standard label engine does not create the correct anchor point for leader lined text for a feature with a representation shape override.
  • NIM032629 - Windows Vista only: Unable to delete more than two fields from a shapefile in the same ArcMap session. The shapefile is locked after the second field is deleted.
  • NIM032838 - Creating and releasing point ArcObjects continuously leaks memory in VisualBeans mode.
  • NIM032916 - There are no DBTUNE storage parameters for raster attribute tables (SDE_VAT_#).
  • NIM033517 - When using Select By Location to process a large dataset, the following error may display: An unexpected error occurred in the Select By Location command.
  • NIM033547 - Some features with very large extents can fail to refresh properly when changes in visibility occur at high zoom levels.
  • NIM033840 - Windows Vista only: Using the ESC key to cancel drawing of large datasets in ArcMap can render the application unresponsive until the drawing is complete.
  • NIM034190 - An Upgrade message still appears in ArcCatalog when connecting from a 9.2 client to a 9.3 geodatabase. When a 9.2 client dismisses the message box, the next time a 9.3 client connects, the geodatabase must be upgraded.
  • NIM034538 - Query expressions become case sensitive on a layer that has joined to a table through an OLEDB connection, returning incorrect results.
  • NIM034665 - When editing z-aware data, the Replace Sketch command does not preserve the z values from the existing feature.
  • NIM034667 - PageLayoutControl crashes when panning without any data added.
  • NIM034748 - Copying data from a file geodatabase crashes ArcMap if an index exists for a field that no longer exists. This could happen if a field with an index was deleted from a table, and the index was not properly removed by ArcGIS.
  • NIM034793 - ArcMap crashes when tracing around a large dataset.
  • NIM034983 - Published maps with multiple data frames do not clip data to the correct extent when packaged.

There are few fixes for Vista only and it is good to see ESRI working and testing it on Vista.

Complete list of fixes is for desktop is available here.


ArcGIS Server for .Net 

There are only 8 fixes so here they are:

  • NIM009293 - When TOC.Refresh() is executed, various properties of the Table of Contents control are not maintained.
  • NIM011133 - Toggling a subnode of a GraphicsLayer resource in the Table of Contents control displays the error "An unhandled exception has occurred. The method or operation is not implemented".
  • NIM035117 - When setting up a custom context menu on a TreeViewPlus node, there is no method to call to dismiss the Context menu once it has been brought up.
  • NIM035118 - When setting up a Context menu for a TreeViewPlus node, it is not possible to call SetupContextMenu on a node more than once per session.
  • NIM035119 - If nodes in a TOC are changed programmatically, there is no mechanism to re-apply the changes when the page or the TOC refreshes.
  • NIM035120 - If a custom Context menu is set up for a node in the TOC, right-clicking the node to bring up the context menu does not highlight the node.
  • NIM035645 - The MapresourceManager.ResourceInit event does not fire if GISResourceItem.Initialize is called or if initialization fails.
  • NIM036213 - Resources are initialized more often than necessary if initialized on demand.


 ArcGIS Mobile 

Only 3 fixes here:

  • NIM033867 - The ArcGIS Mobile SDK fails to connect and use the GPS receiver within the Symbol MC35 device.
  • NIM034224 - The SpatialReference.MobileToServerSquareDistance method returns the square distance calculation in mobile units (integer units) rather than in the units of the spatial reference of the map. This results in an incorrect area calculation in a polygon feature.
  • NIM034683 - When updating the vertices of complex polygon shapes, coordinates may be improperly ordered in the collection, resulting in invalid geometries that cannot be posted back to the server.


 ArcGIS Server for Java 

The one and only one:


  • NIM031066 - When snapping is enabled in the Java ADF Editing task, multiple identical polygon features are occasionally created in the geodatabase.



ArcSDE 9.2 SP6

ArcSDE 9.2 SP6 is a separate download with it's own list of issues resolved. This list is relatively short and I have included it here.


ArcSDE administration 

  • NIM010594 - Spatial views created by a non-owner using the sdetable -o create_view command are not displayed in ArcGIS if the columns specified using the -c option are qualified with the table name. For example, mytable.myfield.
  • NIM013815 – The sdegroup command fails with ORA-00957: duplicate column name error. This is new at 9.2 SP4.
  • NIM033768 - The -r option does not work with the ArcSDE shp2sde -o init command utility. This option does work in previous versions of ArcSDE.
  • NIM035432 – The sdegdbrepair tool hangs when diagnosing delta tables from a geodatabase for which the Oracle database resides in a Linux 64-bit environment.


DB2 and Informix specific

  • NIM011157 - shp2sde returns DBMS error (-51) when the target layer name is in a language other than English and the database uses UTF-8 encoding.
  • NIM014085 - ArcIMS 9.2 cannot consume ArcSDE Raster Catalog 9.2 on DB2 9.1 on AIX 5.3.
  • NIM033424 - If user and group have identical names, ArcCatalog fails to register feature class as versioned with the following error: Failed to register as versioned. Ambiguity between user name and group when working with permissions.
  • NIM034970 - Spatial views created with synonyms in Informix are not viewable in ArcCatalog when connected as the non-owner.
  • NIM035121 - Cannot preview tables or feature classes in the ArcCatalog table view when they contain an XML column.
  • NIM035335 - DB2 9.5 - Unable to create multiversioned views due to invalid SQLSTATE values.
  • NIM035502 - ArcSDE for DB2/Informix: sdetable -o update_dbms_stats does not update statistics on XML side tables.
  • NIM035503 – An error is generated by sdetable –o update_dbms_stats if the table contains an XML column that does not have an XPath index defined.
  • NIM035920 – Informix - Reconcile causes gsrvr.exe crash after upgrading the geodatabase from 9.0 to 9.2 SP5.
  • NIM035965 – Informix - gsrvr crashes when connecting to a database that has a name that is at least 14 characters long.


Non-database specific fixes

  • NIM013289 - SE_stream_query crashes if the query contains too many columns.
  • NIM031767 – Java - The findAlong method throws a NullPointerException in ArcSDE 9.2.
  • NIM032275 – Making a direct connect to an ArcSDE 9.1 or 9.0 geodatabase hangs or causes a core dump on UNIX platforms.
  • NIM032429 - MapControl crashes when displaying compressed raster data from ArcSDE.
  • NIM033499 - Fatal network I/O errors occur when trying to save an edit session after creating several objects and deleting them while working with ArcMap 9.2 SP4. This problem did not occur in previous versions.
  • NIM034505 – Unable to upgrade the precision of feature datasets that contain some feature classes that have z-coordinates and some that do not have z-coordinates.
  • NIM034981 - The sdeimport command tool does not use the storage type assigned by the RASTER_STORAGE dbtune parameter.
  • NIM035231 - Add support for specifying the release version in the connection string when making a direct connect using the Java API. For example, specifying sde93:oracle10g when making a direct connect to an ArcSDE 9.3 for Oracle geodatabase.


Oracle General
  • NIM010856 - Compress fails due to memory leak when processing more than 60 million records from sde.state_lineages.
  • NIM033265 - If SYS.DUAL is registered as a table with ArcSDE, when using ArcObjects (e.g., IQueryDef) or SDE API queries to select sequences owned by other users from SYS.DUAL, an ORA-02289: sequence does not exist error is returned.
  • NIM033400 - When a globalid is added to a business table, queries or spatial selections executed against the table generate an underlying DBMS error (-51) or an ORA-01722 error.
  • NIM034006 – Unable to save edits made to feature classes that contain any NCLOB/CLOB columns and that have been registered as versioned with the Move the edits to the base option selected.
  • NIM034251 - After upgrading to ArcSDE 9.2 SP5 for Oracle, when zooming into a spatial view created on an SDEBINARY or SDELOB feature class, the data does not draw. No other 9.2 service packs are affected.
  • NIM035087 - Query could fail with an ORA-00904 error if the tables queried contain columns that have names that begin with keywords reserved for ST_Geometry.
  • NIM035212 - Cannot correctly input and display characters in multi-byte languages using ArcGIS Desktop.
  • NIM035230 - When renaming an ST_GEOMETRY or SDO_GEOMETRY feature class in ArcCatalog, the following error is returned: -2147216107 layer not found, Invalid pointer argument to function. This rename operation also creates an orphaned entry in the GDB_system tables.


Oracle Spatial
  • NIM035353 - Creating a geometric network with complex edges stored in SDO_Geometry where the snapping tolerance snaps the complex edges, returns a Wrong column type error.
Oracle ST_Geometry
  • NIM006153 - SQL functions for ST_Geometry for Oracle fail on geometries containing curves: ORA-28579.
  • NIM014007 - Views that union a simple table to a feature class that uses ST_Geometry storage cannot be displayed through ArcGIS.
  • NIM031596 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Sorting by the shape.LEN or shape.AREA columns on ST_Geometry data fails if the data is registered as versioned.
  • NIM031385 - Spatial Type for Oracle: An ORA-29855 error is returned when attempting to create an st_spatial_index in Oracle. (Please see technical article 34290 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM032090 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Incorrect variable assignment in st_type_export.validate_spref prevents user schemas from importing correctly without errors. (Please see technical article 34481 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM032091 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Unable to rename a table containing an ST_Geometry attribute that does not have an st_spatial_index. (Please see technical article 34986 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM032273 - Granting permissions on empty ST_Geometry layers fail.
  • NIM032274 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Updating more than one row at a time in an ST_Geometry feature class that has been registered as versioned with the option to move edits to the base could reset some spatial type attributes to zero, such as entity type or area. (64-bit UNIX platforms only.)
  • NIM032389 - Spatial Type for Oracle: ST_Transform returns the Oracle error ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL when presented with empty geometry as input.
  • NIM032562 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Do not export a table's secondary object (st_spatial_index) when a table with an ST_Geometry attribute is exported using the Oracle export utilities. (Please see technical article 34985 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM033556 - When previewing an ST_Geometry spatial view that was created as a privileged non-owner, the “Error opening feature class” and "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected %s got %s" errors are returned.
  • NIM033571 - Spatial Type for Oracle: The ST_Buffer operator contains a memory leak.
  • NIM034984 - Cannot add an ST_Geometry column to an existing Oracle table.
  • NIM035060 - Layers that are based on views with ST_Geometry shape columns can cause ORA-00918 errors when joined to other tables or views.
  • NIM035228 - Spatial Type for Oracle: When creating the ST_Geometry type and subtypes, the Oracle OID property must be set. (Please see technical article 34984 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM035229 - Spatial Type for Oracle: ST_CoordDim and ST_IsMeasured return incorrect results on some platforms.
  • NIM035236 - When sdeimport into an ST_Geometry feature class is allowed to build the spatial index by default, the creation of the spatial index takes significantly longer than when importing to an SDELOB feature class.
  • NIM035254 - Oracle patch version makes unexpected changes to the SDE.ST_GEOMETRY schema, rendering ST_Geometry feature classes useless, and prevents creating new feature classes. (Please see technical article 34897 for more information.)
  • NIM035793 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Unable to register with ArcSDE any tables containing an ST_Geometry attribute and any NULL values. (Please see technical article 34918 for a suggested workaround.)


SQL Server Specific
  • NIM013281 - Local Windows - Authenticated connections no longer work on Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. This impacts Application Server (3-tier) connections only. Direct connect is unaffected.
  • NIM031830 - Windows Authenticated users who are members of a group (instead of individual logins) cannot create data. The error returned indicates they don't have matching schema.



ArcIMS 9.2 SP6

ArcSDE 9.2 SP6 is another separate download with it's own list of fixes - a very short one.

Spatial Server
  • NIM031139 - Negative values cannot be displayed in a bar chart using CHARTSYMBOL in ArcXML.
  • NIM033709 - Spatial server crashes under heavy load when antialiasing is set to true for polygons, lines, and labels.
  • NIM031671 - GET_RASTER_INFO request on a SDE raster layer produces a crash in ArcIMS spatial server, making the service temporarily unavailable.


For some reason the link of issues resolved for .NET and Java ADF links to Portal Toolkit PDF...

When this is updated I'll add more information here.


  1. I am definitely having one of these issues still, even though I have the most recent, updated version. Everytime I try to search by location, an error pops up- An unexpected error occurred in the select by location command. Bleh!

  2. Select By Location should not be problematic...

    Can you e-mail me the details of an error and I can have a look. It could be the data issue.

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