Saturday, February 23, 2008

PLTS 9.2 SP 4 released

On Wednesday ESRI has released service pack 4 for Production Line Tool Set. It is available for download from Download's page and it is 50,838 KB.

There is a number of fixes and here are interesting ones from my perspective.

Foundation Tools

  • 1382 PLTS Create Contours is not working with SQL or SDE data
  • 19138 Disable "Populate Z from surface" option when 3D Analyst is not enabled
  • 23101 Difference Polygon tool using incorrect spatial filter

GIS Data Reviewer

  • 1049 Create Poly Grid Wizard—Change to check for ArcInfo license at beginning of wizard rather than end
  • 20373 Regular Expression check ignoring SQL parameters on run time
  • 22058 Allow negative Z-values for the Z-value ReViewer checks

MPS Atlas

  • 19714 Special character in layer name not producing correct dynamic text result
  • 20902 Adding dynamic text causes labels to revert to default size
  • 20963 Calculate Bridge Overrides does not offset tick lines precisely with main lines
  • 24624 Select Area of Interest—List of Selected Features not populated


There are other changes that may not of particular interest but in any case all PLTS users should download and install this patch.

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