Friday, August 31, 2007

Regional User Group Meeting

On August 21 there was a regional meeting of ESRI users in Auckland. This meeting was hosted by Auckland City Council and was held in Auckland Town Hall.

Unfortunately, I could not attend this meeting but here is what Bruce Harold said about it:

Tuesday’s regional user group meeting was a great success, thanks especially to the generous hosting of Junior and his team from Auckland City.

On the agenda there was a variety of topics from technical overview of ArcGIS Server, National Address Register to developer's perspective of ArcGIS.

The keynote speaker was Dale Lutz from Safe Software, makers of FME. In his speak Dale addressed software updates, new features of the FME 2007, working with rasters and finally, the road ahead with expected timeline for new products.

At these meetings one of the very popular items on the agenda is "Show us what you've got". This is quite simple - every speaker has exactly 5 minutes to talk about the work they did. It does  put a lot of stress on the presenter but audience really enjoys listening these presentations.

Pete Fraser got the innovation prize for UI featuring huge number of tabs and "Mr Stiff" raster engine.

If you would like to see slides for presentations they are available on New Zealand ESRI Users Group site. Some presentation are in PowerPoint format, some in PDF or even in QuickTime (very fancy looking one). We have some photos taken so have a look. 

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