Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Samsung leads the way

Again, Samsung shows leadership when it comes to SSD (Solid State Disk). They have started mass production of the 1.8 " 64 GB SSD drive. It is based on the single level cell flash memory. On the practical side this means that battery life of your laptop could be extender by 20%.

On the other front they have released hybrid disk drives, MH80. These drives are combination of standard disk drive (80 or 160 GB) and 256 MB flash memory. This was only a matter of time before someone does it. Again, on the practical side this can significantly reduce power consumption of laptops and faster resume from hibernation.

It still may be quite some time before we see laptops with SSD drives only. Reason is not technical this time - it is the price. Over the time prices will drop but until then keep your eyes focused on Samsung.

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