Thursday, June 21, 2007

ESRI UC, Tuesday and Wednesday

The conference is in the full swing. From early morning till evening there are technical workshops, paper presentations, special interest group meetings and variety of other activities.

The workshops are done very professionally. Presenters are excellent and quite often work in pairs. Topics for presentation rage from "What is GIS and how it can help you" to "ArcSDE configuration and upgrade strategy" so everyone can find something interesting.

The biggest problem is to decide what presentation(s) to see. For every time slot I had 3 or 4 options. And even with two of us there were still uncovered tracks. If you want to see the presentations that you missed there is an option. All technical workshops are recorded and synchronized with power point presentations. You can order a set of DVDs from TwoSense web site. If you order before 22nd of June it will cost you US$499.

I don't want to retell the presentations here but to point some of interesting details.

In ArcGlobe 9.3 some of new features are:
  • billboad picture symbols
  • KML 2.1 support
  • terrain supports interpolate shape and line of sight geoprocessing tools
  • profile graph supports multiple lines in one graph and can also graph line of sight results
There is lot more I could add but it is getting late...

P.S. Be careful where do you buy lunch...

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