Friday, August 24, 2012

GeoCart 2012

Starting from next Monday, 27th August following ten days will be a peak of activity for cartography in New Zealand. In just ten days three events will take place - Map Design with ArcGIS Workshop, GeoCart conference and Mountain Cartography Workshop. 

First event is Map Design workshop where Dr Kenneth Field and Dr Aileen Buckley will show attendees number of cartographic techniques in ArcGIS and how to create maps for web. This workshop continues the series from last one led by Cynthia Brewer. Workshop will be an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss cartographic tips and tricks from esri's top echelon of cartography.

This will be my fourth GeoCart conference and I am really looking forward to be there. Each conference offers great number of paper presentations, great map display and competition and most importantly opportunity for networking. As usual there will be a number of great speakers including Aileen Buckley, David Fairbairn, Tom Patterson, Roger Smith and Georg Gartner, President of the ICA.

If you want to combine cartography and potential to view volcanic eruption first hand then take a trip into "danger zone" at Mount Tongariro where 8th Mountain Cartography Workshop will take place. 

I'll try to keep posting (and maybe tweet) about these events over next couple of weeks. In worst case scenario I'll post an overview when all is done.

Hope to see you there.

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