Thursday, October 13, 2011

ArcGIS 10 SP 3 released


Service Pack 3 for ArcGIS 10 was released today and as usual I am picking some of the issues fixed and posting them here. SP 3 is a big one with 443 fixes for Desktop and only 25 for Server.

Here are the issues I have picked from the bunch.


  • NIM004239 - Hillshade tool with model shadows option produces artifacts when used with low altitude values.
  • NIM008882 - After copying and pasting a legend the copy loses custom legend settings.
  • NIM047093 - Cut Polygon Features tool fails on feature classes that have been upgraded from low to high precision spatial references.
  • NIM049488 - Weighted Overlay tool returns "Sum of % Influence Weights must equal 100" error when 5 or more input rasters are using user-defined % influence values.
  • NIM053780 - Some floating point ASCII files display as integer rasters in ArcGIS Desktop.
  • NIM055952 - When Building overviews, when the projection of the Mosaic Dataset and the Map differ, a tear (sliver) appears at certain scales (data across multiple UTM zones).
  • NIM056042 - Calculate Adjacent Fields: Geometry restrictions are too strict. Users should be able to use this tool for grids that are not "perfect".
  • NIM056576 - Calculate Field with Expression None and Expression Type PYTHON or PYTHON9.3 does nothing and no error/warning given. Calculate Field with Expression Null and Expression Type VB works fine. Occurs on numeric and text fields.
  • NIM057253 - Projection information marked as Undefined in ArcGIS 10, but is read correctly by ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP1.
  • NIM057356 - An unexpected error occurs when selecting by location on a layer that has a join and a definition query defined from joined field(s).
  • NIM058074 - Performance of Calculate Field tool needs to be as fast with selection sets as it is without a selection when using SDE data.
  • NIM059158 - In ArcGIS 10, fields are not displayed in field calculator when the raster attribute table has a joined table.
  • NIM059194 - A 4 bit raster does not display in ArcGIS 10 when pyramids or overviews are present.
  • NIM059888 - The legend patch size, title font, and spacing between items revert back to odd values if the values are changed and saved.
  • NIM060426 - Toolbar cannot be placed in a desired docked position where it remains after closing and reopening a map.
  • NIM060754 - Line Decoration does not honor the settings when the dataframe is rotated.
  • NIM060806 - Text Boundary shifts when editing inline formatting of annotation with baseline alignment.
  • NIM061029 - ArcMap crashes when exporting a map built with Data Driven Pages to PDF when the frame of the extent indicators is set with offset cartographic line symbols and the PDF pages options are set to multiple pages using page names.
  • NIM061425 - Attributes of a featureclass become Read-Only when attempted to be edited through 'Attribute Edit window' after joining to a table in ArcGIS 10.
  • NIM061605 - Using arcpy.mapping to move to the next time interval updates the map, but not the time slider.
  • NIM061613 - Importing XML to file geodatabase using Case Tools in ArcGIS 10 (ArcCatalog) removes domains from tables.
  • NIM061709 - When using Data Driven Pages with a Scale field, the data are not always centered in the layout.
  • NIM061731 - Some parts of the TIFF image disappears when zoomed in close.
  • NIM061779 - Strip Map Index Features tool produces an Output Feature Class having gaps along the strip.
  • NIM062054 - Cutting polygon with condensed vertices causes ArcMap to crash.
  • NIM062058 - Certain IMGs fail in the Zonal Statistics as Table tool in ArcMap 10 that worked in 9.3.1.
  • NIM062251 - Cannot animate an ArcSDE feature class added from a direct connection when a server name is not specified in the spatial database connection properties.
  • NIM062704 - Editing features using the attribute window may cause ArcMap to crash.
  • NIM062844 - The Split tool has been enhanced to allow the ability to divide a line into more than 99 equal segments. Also, Construct Points has been enhanced to allow the creation of more than 999 new points.
  • NIM063027 - Unable to successfully open map documents in 10 resaved in a previous version that contain unreferenced inserted images in the data frame; receive error 'Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. The data frames of the map document could not be read.'
  • NIM063302 - Explode Multi-part feature tool empties the feature cache when used on a non multi-part feature.
  • NIM063466 - The Mosaic function does not read the 'first' and 'last' mosaic method properly.
  • NIM063816 - Zonal Statistics as Table fails with a large feature data set when using a "string" field as the zone field value.
  • NIM064548 - Multiple attachments display when identifying a feature pointing to a historical version.
  • NIM064600 - Scale dropdown list in ArcMap stops functioning after removing Add Data button from standard toolbar.
  • NIM064663 - Slower connection time after upgrading geodatabase to ArcSDE 10.0, related to GDB_ITEMS table queries.
  • NIM064691 - Importing PNG8 tiles on existing PNG8 tiles causes tiles to be overwritten instead of being blended.
  • NIM064800 - Weighted Overlay crashes using common scale values for text fields.
  • NIM064813 - The Fishnet tool fails to create output (when run three times in a row).
  • NIM064860 - Make Query Table tool crashes ArcMap when selecting ObjectID of input table as Key Field.
  • NIM065031 - In Data Driven pages with rotated data frames the north arrow shrinks when viewing the different pages.
  • NIM065041 - In ArcMap, upon executing a geoprocessing tool in background that has a network analysis layer as derived output, the network dataset layer referenced by the input network analysis layer cannot be used for any further analysis.
  • NIM065098 - Unable to Z Snap, by moving a vertex in "Classic Snapping".
  • NIM065375 - Incorrect renaming of the Geodatabase object within ArcCatalog; results in corruption of GDB_items table and makes the renamed objects unusable within ArcCatalog.
  • NIM065384 - The Grid Index Features tool in Data Driven Pages does not save the "connect" link for parameter > "Generate Polygon Grid features that intersects input feature layers and datasets".
  • IM065445 - Adding a shapefile to a basemap layer will leak GDI objects each time the map is refreshed after changing the extent.
  • NIM065524 - Weighted Overlay tool errors out when rasters are accessed via a group layer using user defined % influence values.
  • NIM065725 - Web maps created or modified after March 2, 2011 (when the web map format was changed) can't be opened in ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. ArcMap 10.0 gives you the message "Invalid Web Map". ArcMap 10.0 SP1 gives you the message "Could not open the specified file." You should be able to open these web maps in 10.0 at the same level of support as earlier web maps (i.e. ArcMap will open the map but omit the map note features and any other currently unsupported content).
  • NIM065895 - The Extract Values to Points tool gives incorrect values for geometrically valid features following a feature class with null geometry.
  • NIM065978 - The patterns in a Marker Line Symbol may shift during Export or Printing when the line features intersect with the map frame.
  • NIM065999 - ArcCatalog and ArcMap send usernames and passwords to token secured ArcGIS Server endpoints with the HTTP GET method which is logged in clear text in web server logs. (Using HTTP POST will instead prevent web servers from logging clear text passwords.)
  • NIM066223 - Using an iterate file in ModelBuilder with KML to Layer tool causes ArcMap to crash when it attempts to go to the second iteration.
  • NIM066402 - Multiple Ring Buffer tool has issue in the tool validator code that causes problems in ModelBuilder (using intermediate output data as input to M-R-Buffer is tricky).
  • NIM066475 - ArcGIS Administrator is unable to return borrowed licenses if DNS resolution is required to reach the license manager.
  • NIM066711 - The Generate Near Table tool crashes when processing more than one feature class in the Near Features field.
  • NIM066815 - Colors of rasterized elements, raster layers, and inserted raster pictures are inverted when exporting to PDF in CMYK colorspace. This happens with JPEG or Adaptive image compressions.
  • NIM066846 - Composite locator leaks memory in ArcGIS Server and may cause stability issues with the geocode service if system resources get low.
  • NIM066864 - Masking is dropped when a map is exported to PDF, EPS, AI, and PNG for layers which utilize true curves.
  • NIM067081 - ArcMap crashes performing 'Copy Parallel' on certain features.
  • NIM067117 - Generate Near Table hangs when the maximum number of closest matches parameter is set to a number that exceeds what will be returned.
  • NIM067121 - When identifying a mosaic dataset in ArcMap, it returns values for the rasters that are not displaying.
  • NIM067135 - A map containing two or more layers, symbolized with cartographic representations, creates different EPS export file sizes until the map has been exported four or more times in a row. Visually, the maps are identical.
  • NIM067203 - Maplex Reduce Font Size is not working for point labels.
  • NIM067257 - When using a Feature Set with the Multiple Ring Buffer in a Model an error is generated.
  • NIM067258 - Files greater than 1GB produced with Export to PDF (either UI or ArcPy) get created but can't be opened.
  • NIM067561 - One representation line symbol layer appears thinner when exported to PDF at 1200dpi; 1100dpi and lower and 1210dpi and higher are fine.
  • NIM067760 - The Fillet tool can crash ArcMap if a 3rd party software is installed that is not managing events correctly.
  • NIM067967 - Calculate statistics in memory for rasters that do not have valid statistics as required by the function.
  • NIM068057 - Invalid Package error returned when unpacking a package if the My Documents has been redirected to a location using a UNC path.
  • NIM068206 - A mosaic dataset has slivers/gaps between overviews when the data frame is in a different projection than the mosaic dataset.
  • NIM068265 - The Multiple Ring Buffer tool generates unexpected output when more than two distances are specified and the dissolve option is set to "ALL" (ArcView and ArcEditor license level only).
  • NIM068460 - The spatial reference information is not recognized for ECW images.
  • NIM068587 - Adding a new field to a layer that has a Definition Query causes ArcMap to crash after being in an Edit Session.
  • NIM068659 - ArcMap crashes when exporting a video from the Time Slider on Win 7 machines.
  • NIM069245 - Reference scale is cleared out when zooming in and out with certain layers after installing ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2.
  • NIM069514 - Extract Values To Points with option for appending attributes of raster incorrectly writes string field values. Also creating incorrect values in the table.
  • NIM069516 Build overview does not take the default mosaic method defined in the mosaic dataset.
  • NIM069683 - Line events are not offset parallel to underlying routes.
  • NIM069863 - When exporting a mxd to PDF that contains a polygon feature class symbolized using a representation rule designed with a hatch fill pattern that is partially covered using the donut effect, the polygons that cross the edge of the data frame do not retain the donut effect and appear symbolized with a solid.
  • NIM070077 - Overviews are incorrect when high resolution data is added to a mosaic dataset before low resolution data is added.
  • NIM070106 - Selecting a row from the Raster Attribute table on a 16-bit unsigned raster causes ArcMap to crash.
  • NIM070159 - A memory leak while reading Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) format crashes ArcMap.
  • NIM070195 - CV table of Kernel Interpolation dialog in the Wizard has 3 columns filled with NaN for 10 SP1 and 10 SP2.
  • NIM070285 - GALayerToGrid GP tool is too slow when non single sector searchneighborhood is used (fast in 9.3.1 and slow in 10).
  • NIM070349 - Converting Scale Text to graphics in layout view changes the text from the current scale to the default text in the Scale Text Selector dialog box.
  • NIM070495 - Import Mosaic Dataset Geometry does not recognize the fields added to the mosaic dataset in the same model.
  • NIM070623 - Make Grids and Graticules Layer: Shift in tick placement.
  • NIM070624 - Make Grids and Graticules Layer: User modifications to coordinate systems properties not persisted.
  • NIM070625 - Make Grids and Graticules Layer: Point features do not clip to the AOI/Neatline like gridlines.
  • NIM070675 - Add Field to Analysis Layer tool should succeed with warnings if the field already exists.
  • NIM070676 - Add Field To Analysis Layer GP tool crashes when a map layer object is specified as input network analysis layer.
  • NIM070757 - Some TIFF datasets written in ArcGIS 10 don't display in the correct location in 9.3.1 when the projection units is feet.
  • NIM070854 - Fail to publish the service with default layer in 10.0 SP2.


  • NIM051468 - The Service Configuration tag <SchemaLockingEnabled> does not work for MXD map services with File Geodatabase feature classes.
  • NIM063428 - Marker symbol offset setting is ignored with MSD-based map service when feature access is enabled.
  • NIM064027 - Publishing an Esri Optimized Map Service with a Query Layer takes longer than publishing the same MXD as a Classic Map Service.
  • NIM064918 - ArcGIS Server WMS services should not use the cache when the request's coordinate system does not match that of the cached service.
  • NIM065844 - Using the tool 'Export Map Server Cache' crashes ArcGIS Desktop if the cache to be exported was created with a previous version of ArcGIS Server.
  • NIM070046 - ArcCatalog crashes while generating a map cache with more than 16 or 30 instances when using a feature class at scales larger than 18K.
  • NIM070188 - A query layer operation through the service directory against a layer with a Point ZM SHAPE field hangs, or returns an error message, when the return geometry is set to true.
  • NIM070446 - The blending feature in Import Map Cache Server tool corrupts adjacent areas in cache tiles.
    NIM070874 - MapServerLegendInfo does not return the raster legend class when legend symbol is null.



  • NIM071096 - Validate user input before writing to the HTML pages in the Services Directory.


  • NIM066822 - MaxJsonLength exceeded error message is returned when an input geometry to an SOE contains a large number of vertices.
  • NIM070072 - Input to operations in Geoprocessing Service and Geometry Service are not culture invariant.
  • NIM071005 - Validate user input before writing to the HTML pages in the Services Directory.
  • NIM071006 - When input is invalid, clean-up input data returned in error messages.
  • NIM071110 - Time is not honored if the identify operation is layers:layerid option is used in the request.

To see the complete list of issues addresses go to resources page and for download go here. Desktop and Server download file is only 401 MB.

I’ll have a look at issues addressed in ArcSDE soon and I’ll post them here.

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