Friday, June 17, 2011

New features of ArcGIS Explorer 1700 – Part I


This release of ArcGIS Explorer features two new important tools – Query and Spatial Query.


Dialog for Query tool is very similar to one in ArcMap but there are subtle differences. For example you don’t have to double click on field name to select it. The same applies to unique values. Once query is completed you must `Test` it first as seen on screenshot below.


When query is executed results are added to your map as dynamic layer where query used is part of the title.


Spatial Query

For spatial queries one can create lines, polygons, circle, square or select any of existing map notes. If you remember any features can be converted to notes ( and then used for spatial query. Spatial relationships are basic: cross, contain and intersect. Here is an example of cross relationship spatial query.


Geotagging images

Now we have ability to geotag images in core Explorer. Previously, it was possible with an Add-In. Process of geotagging images is very simple. Add an image and if it’s not geotagged it will prompt you if you would like to do that.


Geotagged images will be displayed in the map at selected location and with thumbnail in table of content – nice touch. In addition you get a copy of image with name <original name> Geotagged.jpg so your original photos are untouched.


If you need to share your images easy option is to create a folder in TOC, move geotagged image layers in folder and then share it like a layer package. Once layer is added to ArcMap use HTML popup to display the images.



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