Thursday, May 5, 2011

Intel developed Tri-Gate, first 3D transistor

After a long time there is something really new in the CPU/chips area. Intel has announced they have developed a 3D transistors in 22nm technology called Tri-Gate. This is exciting news because 3D transistors should provide following benefits:

  • lower voltage requirements
  • increased performance
  • increased density
These new transistors are not just a idea. Intel is implementing them in mass production in world's first 22nm microprocessor, codenamed "Ivy Bridge".

Here is how Tri-Gate looks under electronic microscope.

Find more about production process in this video.

More information can be found here at Intel and more images and documents at Intel's Newsroom.

Soon we should see laptops handhelds and other devices running these chips. Let's hope they will live to our expectations.

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