Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting ready for ESRI User Conference

ESRI User Conference will take place from 12th-16th of July in San Diego. This will be big event. It is expected that ArcGIS 10 will be released during the Conference. There are other changes happening as well. From today a new logo has showed up on main site.

New logo

One of the big changes is on support site. It is still changing and I would like to add for better. Not too long ago it was using ArcGIS 10 links and documentation as default but now it is changed to the current release, 9.3.1. It is more than likely it will keep changing based on responses users are providing.

In addition to this ArcGIS.com site is up and running. This is a very good place to start looking for maps and data ready for use in your organization. Here is explanation about it:

ArcGIS.com is a Web site for experiencing online ArcGIS. Visit the site to create maps, find and use maps, applications, and tools, and share your maps and applications with others. Within the site, you will find applications for building and sharing maps. You will also find thousands of basemaps, specialty layers, applications, and tools that you can view and use, plus communities you can join.

Simultaneously new ArcGIS Explorer Online is also launched. If you have used "regular" ArcGIS Explorer you will be very familiar with this version. It does require Silverlight 4.0 but installation is very quick. 

New version of ArcGIS Exploere is also expected, as announced in this post.

In short it is shaping to be a great conference with plenty of news, events and networking opportunities. If you are lucky enough to go there make sure to make most of it. There is already plenty of materials for you to read over here: http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/index.html

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