Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ArcGIS 10

Today Jack Dangermond announced that upcoming release of ArcGIS won't be called 9.4 as we expected but it will be ArcGIS 10. It has been in development for three years and brings a lot of changes. Another reason for name change is coming from feedback from beta testers who suggested the name change.

Main areas of improvements include:

  • streamlined user interface
  • integrated productivity tools
  • easier map creation
  • streamlined editing
  • sketch editing in Desktop and Server
  • better use and management of imagery
  • better and faster 3D visualization
  • support for 3D data models, 3D editing, analysis and visualization
  • introduction of temporal concept at data, tools and UI level
  • new tools for Server for web 2.0 environment
  • new content for ArcGIS Online
  • big improvements in documentation
  • simultaneous release of training and software

Name change should take effect at Beta 2 (under the hood mostly). Release of ArcGIS 10 is on the schedule - some time before User Conference.

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