Friday, October 2, 2009

New ArcGIS Server Web Mapping application white paper

In July ESRI has released a new white paper for ArcGIS Server from it's "ArcGIS Server in Practice" series. This one discusses setup and performance of web application for a medium size local government/municipal site. By medium size they consider about 300,00 population and about 200km2.

Application is fairly simple with common tasks like geocoding an address, finding parcels, basic selections and identify of features.

Document also discusses required dataset for this use case and how to structure the map document used for map service and other required map services. Each of map services is described in detail with reasons for choosing selected options (e.g. why PNG8 was choosen over PNG32).

Really nice thing to see is the geoprocessing model used for selecting surrounding parcels.

Appendix D has all details about the model including the Python code if it would be exported.

An alternative to this approach is use of geometry service and it is also discussed in this white paper. It is also documented in Appendix E.

In short, this is a worthwhile reading if you want to implement similar web application. It covers all aspects of the process - requirements, design, data, processes, development and testing.

The document can be downloaded from ESRI site here.

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