Friday, September 11, 2009

ArcGIS 9.3.1. SP 1 expected in December

ESRI has announced that service pack 1 for current release 9.3.1 is expected in December. As before it is very likely that list of included fixes will grow larger.
Current number of fixes included:
  1. Desktop: 85
  2. Server: 25
  3. Rest API: 3
  4. Image Server: 36
  5. ArcSDE: 31
  6. ArcIMS: 3
Here are some of the more interesting bugs fixed in SP 1 (my choice, not a complete list).

ArcGIS Desktop
  • N1M012474 - Add network flag with projection returns “Action could not be completed because the underlying feature is corrupt.”
  • NIMO31 151 - Edits made in the Free Representation Editor do not draw correctly in the Data View when using Symbol Levels.
  • N1M036336 - EPS, PDF, and Al exports do not clip data intersected by data frame when using cartographic representations, but do when using standard symbology.
  • N1M038782 - Custom menus are lost from MXDs and MXTs when placed on ESRI toolbars in certain situations.
  • N1M039061 - Multiple UlButtonControls added to the thisdocument.mxd disappear after closing and reopening ArcMap.
  • N1M039086 - Customizations of standard toolbars in previous version’s MXD are not kept, when the MXD is saved in new version
  • N1M040317 - If one feature class in the ArcMap document is empty and contains no features, and labels are converted to annotation, all annotation feature classes are empty.
  • N1M040502 - Load Locations process time is significantly slower with a lower search tolerence through both the Network Analyst window and the Add Locations GP tool.
  • N1M040510 - The eastern and southern sections of an output image are stripped after projecting a raster using a different datum.
  • N1M041054 - Single Output Map Algebra Color Map functions fail after successive runs.
  • NIMO41 537 - In ArcCatalog, the Project Raster tool cuts a portion of the west side of the output raster and adds an equal amount of Nodata in the eastern side.
  • N1M041746 - Attempts to Extract a Distributed Geodatbase crashes ArcMap.
  • N1M042209 - Cannot compress two file geodatabases at the same time.
  • N1M042285 - Representations are covering donut holes in polygon feature class after upgrading from ArcGIS 9.3 to Service Pack 1.
  • N1MO42552 - Annotating selected features in ArcMap performs slowly when other layers in the map document have a feature weight of something other than NONE.
  • N1M042905 - Buffers created on a multi-feature shapefile or feature class will result in different sized buffers when specifying Dissolve Type as All compared to Dissolve Type as NONE.
  • N1M043043 - Importing the XML to SDE using distributed geodatabase tool ‘Import Message’ fails and returns the following error message: “Import Changes failed The geometry has null Z values. Field is not editable,”
  • N1M043076 - The create replica wizard is ignoring the definition query when going through advanced.
  • N1M043109 - Improve visual feedback of selectable state for markers when using the Direct Select tool.
  • N1M043127 - When shift-click operation is undertaken, Direct Select tool is not removing indicated vertices from a selected set.
  • N1MO4357O - Exporting xml from Parent geodatabase crashes ArcMap if a relationship class has the same name as a feature dass.
  • N1MO43927 - Importing an exception with a NULL origin globalid from a delta XML file is fataling the application.
  • N1M044000 - ‘INTERSECT’, ‘UNION’ and ‘IDENTITY’ operations fail with the same error message “000520”, when the input feature class consists of Polygon M.
  • NlM044506 - For some data models, comparing replica schema using the geodatabases directly can cause ArcCatalog to crash.
  • N1M045128 - Representation rule domain values are not being persisted properly at the GDB level.
  • NIM045189 - Viewing a Database server connection with a 9.3.1 client, where the Database server contains geodatabases with a release greater then 9.3 (a geodatabase release higher then 2.3.0), will not display the new geodatabases.
  • N1M045263 - Following upgrade of ArcGIS Desktop to 9.3.1, the Append, Delete Rows, and Delete Features tools no longer will operate with versioned datasets.
  • NlM045489 - ArcMap crashes when saving a MXD that references an inserted graphic whose folder path cannot be found. Will also crash when accessing the properties of an missing inserted image. This would not crash previous versions.
  • N1M046171 - Cannot export topology exception changes if the owner of the replica is not the owner of the topology.
  • NIM046267 - Importing an XML Map Document with a NULL representation crashes ArcCatalog.
  • N1M046710 - Repair feedback of Select tool in Free Representation editor.
  • N1M04671 1 - Repair feedback of Direct Select tool in Free Representation editor.
  • NIM046712 - When separating symbol layers for a free rep which is composed of multiple symbol layers, the Direct Select tool is selecting the bottom layer first instead of the expected top layer.
  • N1M046747 - GDI leak for display of representation marker symbols.
  • N1M046748 - Application failure for the # of markers property on the Decorations marker placement style when specifying a negative value.
  • N1M046749 - Application failure for the X step and/or V step properties on the Randomly Inside Polygon marker placement style when specifying a negative value.
  • N1MO46818 - Angle property for Gradient Fill symbols are being ignored when converting a 9.x symbol into a representation symbol.
  • N1M046819 - Buffer effect on point input geomtery needs to handle negative values for the Size property as absolute values.
  • N1M046820 - Attribute inspector shows separate reps tab for each layer in the TOC even when each layer sources the same feature class.
  • N1M046821 - Improve refresh of representation markers when using Direct Select tool to move.
  • N1M046822 - Hatch pattern not displaying correctly for polygons.
  • N1M047046 - The Overflow Annotation window may crash in some cases when there are no overflow labels left in the list.
  • N1M047049 - ArcMap may crash in certain scenarios when constructing anno using the leader annotation method.
  • N1MO47O8O - License for JTX Extension is not available from GP script.
  • N1MO47298 - Text Callouts with empty text strings and margins set to 0 may crash ArcMap.
  • N1M047725 - Improve the display output routines to better support PLTS Separated TIFF export

ArcGIS Server
  • NlM038570 - Unexpected results occur when multiple tool actions are performed (identify/zoom/pan) in quick succession without waiting for the previous one to complete.
  • N1M039840 - Viewing a close extent of a large raster served through ArcGlS Server on Solaris fads to draw the map service.
  • N1M042454 - Filters included in SLD styles are not applied to WMS layers from ArcGIS Server that are based on Event Layers.
  • N1M043710 - Snap tool in ArcGlS Server Java Web application does not clean up when edits are saved.
  • N1M044 189 - Add ability to generalize features for queries based on ArcGlS Server
  • N1M04431 8- Viewing WMS based on a cache-on-demand optimized map service, does not generate cache tiles if it has a group layer structure.
  • N1MO44578 - WebQuery::query() fails if the LayerDefinitions property is not set.
  • N1MO449O3 - Allow WFS-T to apply changes to a feature class that has Z’s.
  • N1MO45O52 - Adding additional SOC machines does not improve ArcGIS Server system performance when using REST services.
  • N1MO45O54 - Update the Java Web ADF task framework to run in WebSphere 7 with JSF1.2.
  • N1M045055 - Modify the faces-contig.xml file to be JSF 1.2 compatible for the Java Web ADF.
  • N1M045126 - Add map service definition editing to the edipse MXD Editor solution for Windows, Solaris and Linux.
  • N1M045127 - Drawing an annotation layer in an MSD file crashes the mxdeditor using Java 15 on Solaris.
  • N1MO45221 - WFS-T should allow editing with standard ArcGIS Server.
  • N1M045339 - WFS service does not support multipoint geometry with a spatial operator.
  • N1M045470 - Network attribute name and network sources name is not returned in the json response for route description.
  • N1M045974 - ArcGIS Server is unresponsive after a period of high volume requests.
  • N1M045975 - When using Unix/Linux in ArcGIS Server 9.3 Service Pack 1 -exporting a map service to PDF format, the highway shield label text is not centered.
  • N1M046086 - REST operations fail when the SOM service is installed on one machine and the Web services are installed on a separate machine.
  • N1MO46427 - Project WebGeometry is using the SDE Shape Library instead of using SDE Projection Library.
  • N1MO46457 - Default exception MIME type should be ‘apphcation/vnd.ogc.se_xml’ when parameter ‘EXCEPTIONS’ is not set or set to an invalid value.
  • N1M046458 - The ‘propertyName’ in GetFeature operation does not work if the property name is prefixed with namespace prefix.
  • N1MO46768 - Server Manager displays that it is drawing map service ‘dynamically’ even though it is using cache tiles to draw map service.
  • N1MO46769 - Cache tiles schema does not get updated in the Caching properties tab of ArcGlS Server Manager.
  • NIMO47 178 - Do not generate system-generated capabilities in output directory when external capabilities files are used.

  • N1M044410 - In ArcGIS Server REST API for the NET Platform, “View in Javascript” does not reflect the version of tundra,css specified in rest. config. It always defaults to serverapi arcgisonh ne .com.
  • NlM044998 - In Network Analyst solve operation using ArcGIS Server REST API for the Microsoft .NET Framework, add the ability to pass in attribute parameters.
  • N1M044999 - In REST API for the Microsoft NET Framework, attribute parameter values are not correctly shown in the JSON response for route layer description.

Java WebADF
  • N1M0451 - Concurrent editing by two users in a standard Java Web ADF editing task produces an error message and does not allow second user edits to be saved.

Image server
  • N1M009509 - Symbology for ISDEF files are not persisted in saved MXD’s.
  • N1M013584 - 16-bit imagery appears black when served through Image Server.
  • N1M036760 - Cannot add ISRef tiles into AutoCAD.
  • N1M036928 - Add support for alpha channel bands to Image Server
  • N1M039010 - Stretching process becomes non-responsive after an error message triggered by invalid settings is retuned.
  • NIM040221 - Please include Aut0CAD 2009 as a supported client for ArcGIS Image Server 9.3
  • NIM042382 - Document the official support status on A.TOC files with CADRG datasets for Image Server.
  • N1M042605 - Unable to create an image service using a projection that has a unit of measurement in seconds.
  • NIM042997 - Unable to add grid stacks to an image service when specifying its directory to load the data into the service.
  • N1M043254 - Recompute Footprint by Related Geometry uses the geometry of features in the joined shapefile based on FID order.
  • N1M044308 - 11-bit NITF does not display properly in an image service.
  • N1M044912 - Pyramids created for YCrCb JPEG compressed TIFF file is not read properly
  • NIM044913 - PNG format Image gets washed out when viewed in Internet Explorer,
  • N1M045359 - When creating an Image Service using IKONOS data, only the first set of metadata is read.
  • N1M04573O - NCDRD specified panchromatic NITF data is not properly supported.
  • N1M045731 - JP2 compressed NITFs cannot be accessed with Image Server.
  • N1M046056 - Recompute by Radiometry does not work for all rasters in a panchromatic service.
  • N1MO47442 - The footprint for some GeoEye NITFs is 100x, which is the size of the actual data.
  • N1MO4757O - Cannot add a raster catalog to an image service definition.
  • NIM047571 - Metadata is incorrectly extracted for IKONOS files, wherein the _metadata.txt file references multiple component files.
  • N1M047572 - Cannot add GRID Stack dataset.
  • N1M047573 - ‘As View’ selection option selects more rasters than it should.
  • N1M047574 - Select by view selects all rasters in view >MinPS but does not filter by MaxPS.
  • N1MO47586 - Cannot read ISAT project files when a strip ID is not present.
  • N1M047598 - IKONOS 4 band service cannot be created.
  • N1M047629 - Bug in libtiff prevents reading scanline based JPEG compressed TIFF with component subsampling.
  • N1M047630 - IKONOS NITF products not supported.
  • N1M047631 - Recompute footprint by related geometry does not account for the user-specified join, but is defaulted to joining based on the FID.
  • N1M047632 - Problem generating a 16-bit 4-band IKONOS service.
  • N1M047633 - Problems adding USGS topo TIFF files.
  • N1M047634 - Creation of a 3-band RGB service diisplays as a grayscale.
  • N1M047635 - Editrasterdatasets ISCommand does not edit the RPDefs.
  • N1M047854 - NITE IKONOS imagery containing embedded RPC’s (no external file) causes orthorectification to fail.

ArcGIS Mobile
  • NlM042415 - Wrong coordinates posted to Server after editing in ArcGIS Mobile project.
  • N1M042625 - When running the Generate Mobile Service Cache tool, the following error is returned: “ERROR 999998, Failed to Execute”.
  • NlM047451 - In an ArcGIS Mobile application, the vector layers rotate correctly but the annotation layers do not.
  • N1M039217 - Editing an archive enabled table with SQL through a multi-versioned view in the DEFAULT version does not maintain the table’s archive.
  • N1M042121 - Encountering a large volume of warnings being written to the ArcSDE error log, specific to being in a transaction when writing to the ArcSDE loglile tables.
  • N1M042709 - Edits on ST GEOMETRY produces shape area (shape.area) and shape length (shape.len) field with zero values if the ‘move edits to base’ option is selected to register the feature class as versioned.
  • N1M042753 - Add support for SE_ROW_ID column for ST_GEOMETRY type to ensure that a users existing applications can continue to work after migrating from SDEBINARYISDELOB to ST_GEOMETRY.
  • N1M043072 - Inserting a feature with out of bounds geometry changes the feature class extent.
  • N1M043097 - Compressing a geodatabase can lead to blocking conditions in ArcGIS that impact editor user response time.
  • N1M043242 - When applying a select by attribute query on a FeatureClass with geometry spatial type, it fails with a network I/O error.
  • N1M044400 - Registering layers using sdelayer —o add that have a different shape column datatype than the chosen geometry storage, —k option could succeed in some cases leading to gsrvr fatals when performing selections.
  • N1M044630 - Enabling archiving on a feature dataset that contains topology fails with Network I/O error.
  • N1M045628 - ArcGIS editor stop editing/save operations can encounter database deadlocking situations if two users are saving and have modified the same versioned objectclass.
  • N1M045726 - Improve performance of spatial queries with definition queries/attribute filters.
  • N1M046027 - Identify returns “Nothing found” against features in a spatial view based upon ST_GEOMETRY point feature class.
  • N1M046752 - When creating multiversioned view for feature class with nvarchar(n), n is doubled to 2n thus limiting the maximum nvarchar field length to 2000 if it needs to be incorporated in a multiversioned view.
  • N1M046899 - With SDO_SRID paraeters set, invalid metadata is inserted into SDO metadata views
  • N1M047207 - Compress fails with primary key violation on SDE_Geometry CAD side table when duplicate cad element is updated to state_id 0.
  • N1M047285 - ORA-0923 error when attempting to select or identify with an st_geometry point feature class.
  • N1MO47399 - The British National Grid scale factor was changed in version 9.2. While the software now considers both values equivalent, the check to determine that is inefficient. This change improves performance.
  • N1M047400 - When making a direct connection to a schema (project) gdb using ST_Geometry, an error is returned when trying to access the ST_ functions from the project instance.
  • N1MO47566 - The z-value envelope information is missing in the sde.sde_layers table.
  • N1M047569 - Improve connection time for map documents with connections to a SQL Server Express geodatabase that is shut down by mapping the returned error code to SE_LOST_DBMS_CONNECTION.
  • NIM047885 - <DB2/INF> implement a next_row_id stored procedure.

  • NIMO441O1 - A capabilities file created using the WES Connector contains an incorrect namespace for feature types.
  • N1MO44352 - GetFeatures returns the wrong descriptions for fields with a coded value domain, if values for all fields are not requested.
  • N1MO45565 - Java Connector adds multiple SPATIALQUERY tags in ArcXML for a dynamic layer if it has a filter.

This is it for now. Keep an eye on original announcement page or check back here for updates.

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