Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OpenGL 3.2 released

Today Khronos Group has announced release of the latest update of OpenGL. Information about OpenGL in general can be found on OpenGL registry page including details of the latest version – 3.2.
This new release continues the rapid evolution of the OpenGL standard to enable graphics developers to portably access cutting-edge GPU functionality across diverse operating systems and platforms.
Main features of this release include:
  • Increased performance for vertex arrays and fence sync objects to avoid idling while waiting for resources shared between the CPU and GPU, or multiple CPU threads
  • Improved pipeline programmability, including geometry shaders in the OpenGL core
  • Boosted cube map visual quality and multisampling rendering flexibility by enabling shaders to directly process texture samples
GPU manufacturers are watching closely development of the OpenGL and nVidia has released beta drivers already according to Barthold Lichtenbelt, chair of the OpenGL ARB working group and OpenGL engineering manager at NVIDIA.

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