Friday, July 3, 2009

Tips for faster caching of ArcGIS Server

ESRI Mapping Center has a post about improving performance of caching in ArcGIS Server (AGS). If you did any work in this area you know this is very demanding and time consuming process. We (Eagle Technology) created cache for several customers and this can easily take full 3 days to create the cache.

From list of recommendations there is one I didn’t really consider but it makes perfect sense - Relocate the server’s pagefile.sys file.

I like the note about checking of available memory:
This is especially important if you’ve got other services running on the server, because these services are taking up memory, too, and you want to make sure the caching process, which will be more demanding of memory usage, is not pushing out of your available physical RAM and into your pagefile.sys (which will result in catastrophically slower caching times!)

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