Thursday, June 25, 2009

ColorBrewer 2.0 released

Well known ColorBrewer just got a facelift with release of ColorBrewer 2. Just in case you have not used the essence is compacted in a single line.
Color advice for cartography
Driven by this simple idea Cynthia Brewer created this very useful web application. The new version is Flash based but the functionality is the same as in old one.
What I like about ColorBrewer is that evey option, like “pick a color scheme:” has a learn more > link.
Under this link there are descriptions of icons or references to related books or web sites.
The process of selecting data classes, colours is easy and provides quick feedback using a sample map. In addition to this there is a  new option to downlad ColorTool for use in ArcGIS directly. If you are not ArcGIS user these colours can be exported to Excel file, Adobe Swatch Exchange or just set of color values (RGB, CMYK or HEX).
This a very useful site and I recommend it to anyone working in GIS or cartographic design.

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