Monday, May 18, 2009

ArcUser – now as an electronic magazine

Being New Zealand distributor for ESRI means we get the publications like Arc User from USA. Because of that I don’t often go to the News section of ESRI’s home page.
Today I went there to check of of the article I saw before. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that ArcUser is available as electronic flipbook magazine. To view this you must have Flash player installed.
You can flip the pages like with real magazine or use the arrows at the bottom of the screen.
Going to the first page also shows how to use 3D Issue publications (and ArcUser is published using this technology). Quick start explains Quick Start, Icons options and also includes FAQ section.
As expected there is a search functionality built in.
If you don’t want to view on-line the magazine can be downloaded as an off-line version (this didn’t work for me this time) or you can resort to good old PDF.
PDF version has a slightly sharper text rendering while graphics is the same.  PDF may take longer to download than the flipbook. The latest issue is just over 10 MB.
Content of the ArcUser is as it always was – great with range of articles from introduction to developer level.

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