Monday, May 4, 2009

ArcGIS 9.3.1 new features - Part 1

Latest version of ArcGIS is in shipping and end users can expect it some time in June. This version has quite a few new features. I will show some of them and what impact they may have on usual workflow.

Optimized map service
This new feature allows users to prepare, analyze and publish a map document as new type – optimized map service. This also includes a new format for the service MSD (Map Service Definition). In example below I have a file geodatabase with New Zealand Topographic database with large number of feature classes. New toolbar, Map Service toolbar contains all functionality required for analysis and publishing of optimized map service.


First step is Analyze of the map. Functionality of this command is similar to the one in Geodatabase Toolset extension but with more functions and options. In the case of my test MXD Analyze has shown the following:


Problems are categorized as Messages, Warnings and Errors. There is a reasonable description for each of these. If a row is highlighted and context menu is invoked a set of options is available.

This is very handy option even if you are not going to publish the document as service. This will definitely be a tool for identifying bottlenecks in a map. To see how map performs use Preview option on the toolbar.


In the menu bar of the preview you’ll see the draw time for map with current settings.
After map is fixed it is saved as MSD.


Now we are onto last step – publishing a service. Publishing has few steps.

Step 1.
Publish Service Step 1

Step 2.

Step 3.

There is an optional set of setting for the service labelled as “Set display options”.


After this you will have a new optimized map service on your ArcGIS server.
In the next post I’ll describe packaged layers. Till then have fun tuning your MXDs.

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