Monday, March 16, 2009

ArcSDE 9.3 SP 1 update released

ESRI has released a Service Pack 1 update for ArcSDE 9.3. This service pack addresses a number of generic ArcSDE administration issues as well as database specific ones.

This is a full list of generic administration issues resolved:

  • NIM008464 - ArcSDE C SDK client application crashes when making API function call, SE_connection_get_instance_users(), to list connected users.
  • NIM036561 - ArcSDE for Oracle: memory leaks encountered when reconciling versions or performing a large number of update operations.
  • NIM038152 - Unix only: The sdemon command crashes the ArcSDE service when trying to kill all active connections.
  • NIM038013 - For every client request to the geodatabase, a query to detect the time_last_modified is executed against the sde.lineages_modified table impacting performance. (Please see technical article 35462 for more details.)
  • NIM033557 - The sdedbtune command fails to accept an empty string for any of the parameter values.
  • NIM036997 - Spatial Type for Oracle: Registration fails for tables with an ST_Geometry attribute and an SRID set to 0. (Please see technical article 35028 for a suggested workaround.)
  • NIM035924 - Japanese character does not show up on AIX machine when running sdelayer -o describe command.
  • NIM037200 - In specific cases where a feature has been updated many times and the D TABLE entry for SDE_STATE_ID=0 is missing, the problem will not be detected or fixed by sdegdbrepair.
  • NIM036998 - Upgrading geodatabases on database servers fails if the user is connected to the geodatabase when upgrading. (Please see technical article 35184 for more details.)
  • NIM035444 - Need to identify corruption on states that are not pointed to by a version.
  • NIM035432 - The sdegdbrepair tool may hang if the number of errors found for a specific FeatureClass exceeds the currently defined buffer.
  • NIM037688 - When creating a PostGIS feature class in ArcCatalog, the xy offset is correctly created in respect to the spatial reference. When creating a PostGIS layer with command line and registering the feature class with sdelayer -o register, the xy offset is not calucated, preventing the feature class from being correctly displayed in ArcCatalog. The fix allows for a PostGIS layer to be displayed in ArcCatalog by calculating the xy offset regardless of how the feature class is created.
  • NIM037241 - The sdegdbrepair command does not recognize ORACLE11G as a database type when using -o diagnose_tables option.
  • NIM033768 - The '-r' option does not work for the ArcSDE 'shp2sde -o init' command utility. The option works fine in previous versions of ArcSDE.

The important one from this list would be the last one. A lot of people are still loading/importing data from shapefiles and actually may have incorporated that functionality (rejects) into the workflow.
Non-database specific fixes:
  • NIM031030 - When using a Definition Query longer than 4095 characters against a 9.0 ArcSDE Server, the data fails to draw and the following error is returned: "One or more layers failed to draw."
  • NIM034862 - When executing the ArcSDE CAPI SE_shape_find_along() function a memory leak occurs, and if executed a very large amount of times it may cause an out of memory (-13) error.
  • NIM038061 - Projection engine libraries on Linux will now be created using gcc rather than g++. Using g++ adds an unnecessary dependency on the library.
  • NIM038273 - British National Grid (BNG) scale factor was changed between versions 9.2 SP5 and 9.3. Although the change does not affect data values, mixing the two coordinate system versions will cause data to be reprojected. This fix will cause the two versions to be treated as equal.
  • NIM008494 - When revoking select privileges on a versioned feature class, the select privileges are not revoked from the versioned table's adds and deletes tables. (Please see technical article 35464 for more details.)
  • NIM037942 - Improved the error message displayed in Desktop when trying to make a direct connection without the appropriate drivers installed.
  • NIM035810 - Mosaic tool is very slow when trying to mosaic to large SDE raster dataset that has a pyramid.
  • NIM037698 - When building address locators with reference feature classes in SDC format, the content of the RD.Lox1.Restrict expression, specified in the address locator style, should not be ignored.
  • NIM035803 - Creating a local or client locator from SDE reference data with an optional field set to fails with the error message: “Column not found:”_SurrogateTable_.Table1_PreDir””.
  • NIM036857 - Creating address locators fails in ArcSDE if numeric fields in the SDE reference feature class contain null values.

There is a nuber of database specific fixes and most of them are for Oracle. Smaller nuber of issues is fixed for PostgreSQL (4) and SQL Server (7). For full details check the support page and for download check the main patch page.

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