Friday, March 20, 2009

ArcGIS Server and Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 today. There are many new features in this release and one of many is better compliance with the standards. I don’t want to describe new features or discuss speed of IE 8 because there are plenty of sites with this type of information.
I want to test ArcGIS Server 9.3 applications in IE 8 and how to fix problems if I have any.

ArcGIS Server Manager

This is first test of compatibility – running AGS Manager application. Running IE 8 in default settings I was able to log in AGS Manager and work with a simple map service running on my laptop.
In this case this is simple service running of file geodatabase.
Rest of the functions of the AGS Manager did work without problems. Testing was simple and not comprehensive but it did show I can run AGS Manager without problems.

Web applications

Second and more intersting test to run AGS out-of-the-box application.  I have two applications based on the map service from first screenshot.


To my surprise the application run just fine. Why I am surprized? I tried some other out of the box applications in IE 8 and they didn’t work in native mode of IE 8. The other PC I tried it on was running Windows XP. On my laptop I am running Vista Ultimate SP 1 and here is a example of the web application.


Running the same style of application on XP didn’t render the map display and showed an error indication in lower left corner of IE 8.

IE8 error

More details can be provided by double clicking on the error icon. These details can be copied to the clipboard and details include the line number where application has failed.

error 2
Remedy for that situation was very simple – just activate the “compatibility view” and the problem is solved.

Compatibility view optionCompatibilityView

ArcGIS Server custom applications

Now I will test some of the custom applications that are available on Eagle’s demos page.
Here are screenshots of results (again, quick, simple tests)

Environment Canterbury (JavaScript API)ECAN

Water Quality in CanterburyECAN2
This page has some problems – loading image is always present and the map does not always shows up. This is fixed by small pan in any direction but “loading” is still on.

Solar Boston (Flex API)Boston
This applications works fine. I was able to use navigation widget, select planimetric, terrain and aerial with no problems. One of the tools worked fine (for a single building) but drawing an area generates geoprocessing error.


Now I have tried the same application in Google Chrome 2 and I got the same error – so it is not IE 8.


This was quick test of IE 8. From this tests I have found majority of sites was working correctly in native IE 8 mode or it can work in compatibility view. I am sure we will find more AGS applications that may have problems. Of course we have to wait for ESRI to test and certify applications for IE 8. We may see a patch or two coming up but we have to wait and see.

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  1. Has any one found a way to force compatibility mode in their application? We have ArcServer 9.3 apps that won't work in 8 without compatibility mode. We feel the public will be confused by the compatibility mode button