Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ArcGIS Server API - Microsoft Silverlight

ESRI has revealed yet another API for ArcGIS Server. In addition to existing APIs for .Net, Java, JavaScript and Flex now you can use Silverlight. This is just announced and more will be shown at ESRI Developer Summit. There will be a technical seesion about it.
On Developers Blog you can see the video (embeded below) and links to other two articles about ArcGIS Server and Silverlight. This in intersting since Microsoft is planning release of Silverlight 3 and even 4. New features for version 3 (due out this or early next year) will include major media enhancements (including H.264 video support), major graphics improvements (including 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration), as well as major application development improvements (including richer data-binding support and additional controls).
It's good to see ESRI expanding the list of supported APIs. It definetly broadens applications and number of developers.

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