Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SketchUp 7 released

Google has released a new version of SketchUp today. This is version 7 and it was in development for about two years.


Here are most important new features:


  • crossing lines break automatically
  • scaling without stretching
  • new interact tool
  • search 3D Warehouse from component browser
  • download models locally
  • create and save custom templates
  • new user interface


Professional version (one you have to pay for) has some additional features:

  • Create Dynamic Component (smart scaling, etc)
  • Custom attributes – metadata
  • Report generation
  • Layout 2 features
    • larger models and paper size support
    • long live measurements
    • curves, editable paths
    • move, rotate and scale without changing tools
    • export to images
    • explode models
  • Style Builder
    • create custom sketchy styles
    • multiple mediums available (marker, pencil, crayon, etc)


For download and some videos check out the SketchUp page.


Here are some videos from YouTube…


What’s new


Intersecting lines



Dynamic components



There is plenty more videos on YouTube but these are for version 7 specifically.

Have fun creating models and share them on 3D Warehouse!


P.S. if you feel like you are up to a challenge then head to Google SketchUp 3D Challenge and get busy.

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