Friday, November 28, 2008

Are you good at distinguishing colours? You are? Really?


Working in GIS and making maps on daily basis will test your colour hue recognition to the test. In some cases that is easy because you are using limited number of colours (I should be saying colour hues). But when it get to colour ramps, lots of layers and rasters things are far more difficult.

If you would like to test your skills then go to the x·rite site and read about FM 100 Hue Test. In short there are 85 colours you have to sort and this will measure and show zones of colour confusion.

You can take the software versions of the test here.

I took the test and I have to say it was harder than I thought. I guess my eye sight is not as it used to be…

Here is how I have sorted the colours.



Once you have another look you see that you could do this better. Actual results are displayed in graphic like one below.


I was little bit disappointed with my score and I’ll try that again. Some other time. How did you do?

This will be added to an activity list as ‘must do’ for the cartography course I’m teaching.

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