Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cartography Design Annual book available

Nick Springer has compiled a series of maps published during 2007. This is presented by CartoTalk.com Here is a description of this book as published on Lulu:

This unique collection of maps clearly illustrates that the art of map making has not been lost. This is the first edition, showing maps published or released during 2007, in what we hope is a continuing series showcasing some of the top cartographic talent in the world. 

The book contains 78 pages in full colour in paperback. I just hope it will showcase maps similar to the one shown below.



If possible I will buy this book and post my review of it here.

Another example of maps collection is from ESRI - Map book series. These are published every year at the time of International ESRI User Conference. The latest one is Volume 23. In these books ESRI is publishing user created maps (of course using ESRI products).




I always look forward to reading these book because they are great inspiration and insight for cartography work I may be involved in.

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