Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GPU or not to GPU, that is the question

Not too long ago nVidia purchased Ageia and their PhysX technology (I wrote about this before). The whole physics will be (already is?) implemented as software solution in CUDA technology. Now GPU is working faster and doing more work than CPU! But wait! There's more! We can have not 2, not 3 but 4 graphics card in SLI mode!! Of course it will cost you dearly but you will get quite a significant performance boost.

On the other hand, Intel is saying who need's graphic card when you have 8 cores. To back up their statement they have demonstrated fire spreading generated on the Nahalem processors. Check out the video and article here. So, all you need is 8 or more cores and you're all set.


So, what it is going to be? I think it will be a status quo for a while. Graphics card manufactures will keep pumping out newer and better cards, CPUs will be multicore with 16 or 32 cores. The bottleneck is most likely to be the software - namely operating system and the applications. It is not easy to write software that does decent multi threading support for 4 cores not to mention 16 or more cores.

Anyway end users (and gamers) can expect better and more realistic games and even more eye candy.

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