Friday, March 14, 2008

ArcGIS 9.2 SP 5 update

ESRI added the details for ArcGIS Server issues addressed in Service Pack 5. There aren't too many in here what is a good sign.

ArcSDE administration issues resolved

  • NIM011017 - Using sderaster -o copy command to copy large raster datasets from a 9.1 geodatabase to a 9.2 geodatabase results in pyramid level 0 to be displayed as nodata when viewed in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  • NIM012843 - Source raster data with high precision extents are truncated when stored in a SDO_GEORASTER. This causes that data to be stored in the wrong coordinate space.
  • NIM013560 - The shp2sde and tbl2sde commands need to support Unicode nstring data to allow users to properly import data that contains non-English characters.
  • NIM013939 - sdetable -o create_view fails with Error: Table not registered (-220).

Non-database specific server fixes

  • NIM008463 - Cannot use Java API to insert feature that contains CAD data, such as a circle.
  • NIM010667 - Setting the ArcSDE server configuration TCPKEEPALIVE parameter to true does not terminate orphaned gsrvr processes as it should.
  • NIM011286 - Geocoding a large number of addresses returns: Error executing SSA function [Error while calling SSA_init() function in locssa.::Out of server memory].
  • NIM012755 - Cannot add the British National Grid ID 27700 to a Web service's capabilities file. This is caused by the projection scale factor not matching the internal definition of the coordinate system.
  • NIM012821 - Posting a version to the DEFAULT version when a user has no privileges on a class registered with move edits to base results in the edits not being moved to the base table. See KB article 34045.
  • NIM013039 - On Windows Vista operating systems, when making a database connection in ArcCatalog, the entry for the Server text box has to be fully qualified (i.e, .), otherwise the connection fails.
  • NIM013737 - Certain geometries cause Java functions SeShape.getWKBSize and SeShape.asWKB to fail.
  • NIM013816 - Provide support for 9.2 SP5 clients to connect to 9.3 geodatabases.
  • NIM013823 – The sdeimport command does not correctly load raster datasets that have a pyramid origin set. The pyramid must be rebuilt before it displays correctly.
  • NIM013840 - Enhancement to cache the properties of state 0 on the session handle to avoid recursive SQL statements to the underlying DBMS. See KB article 34215.
  • NIM031119 - Locator cannot be created in ArcGIS Desktop if the reference data comes from a spatial database connection that uses a long server name — for instance, an IP address.

ArcMap Server

  • NIM012416 - Query functionality does not work in the HTML viewer when working with an embedded map service in an ArcMap Service.
  • NIM012804 - SDO materialized views for a feature service in ArcIMS 9.2 SP 1 does not display in ArcMap.

There are database specific issues fixes listed on this page. The list includes Oracle, Informix and DB2 and only one issue for SQL Server.

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