Monday, March 10, 2008

ArcGIS 9.2 SP 5 announced

ESRI has announced the release of Service Pack 5 for ArcGIS 9.2 on their support web site page. Service pack will be available latter this month.

The list of issues addressed with this service pack is quite long (148 at the time of writing) and most of the issues resolved are for Desktop, Engine and Server.

Here is my pick of important fixes:

  • NIM004970 - Performing an Identify operation or interacting with the Editor task can cause SOC processes to be abandoned under heavy load
  • NIM005584 - After running the Synchronize geoprocessing tool in ArcCatalog, the SDE connections used by the process are released
  • NIM007342 - Terrain to Raster geoprocessing tool may produce incomplete results when a problem occurs enforcing a breakline
  • NIM007623 - SDE-based terrain dataset can't be previewed by a user with SELECT privilege
  • NIM009652 - The polygon contiguity method (build neighbor list function), when used with the Hot Spot Analysis tool, does not include the target polygon in the list of neighbor features. As a consequence, results from the Hot Spot Analysis tool aren’t accurate
  • NIM010212 - The Multipart To Singlepart tool fails with polygon feature classes containing very thin parts
  • NIM010511 - The translation for a parameter on the Set Representation Control Point By Angle geoprocessing tool is not loading properly
  • NIM011533 - ArcMap crashes after intersecting smoothed polygons
  • NIM011631 - Labels disappear in the upper part of the ArcMap data frame if data is in a geographic coordinate system and the projection of the data frame is set to a projected coordinate system
  • NIM012153 - Microsoft Vista: Allow Copy/Paste of a personal geodatabase with managed rasters to work correctly when a copy of the personal geodatabase already exists in the target location
  • NIM012316 - Enable Zoom to Layer for map server layers of geoprocessing service results in ArcMap and ArcGIS Explorer
  • NIM013010 - Building a map cache from a compressed file gdb feature class can exhaust memory and lead to a crash
  • NIM013171 - ArcMap and ArcCatalog crashes while adding or previewing an ERDAS Imagine 16bit colormap image that contains negative values
  • NIM013180 - Memory leak with SpatialFilter when using a SpatialRelDescription on a search
  • NIM013293 - Where clauses of the form “value = field” can give incorrect results when the field is indexed and on the left side of the join for file geodatabases and shapefiles
  • NIM013326 - Select By Location does not select from multiple layers in ArcGIS 9.2 SP4
  • NIM013487 - Crash occurs when adding a field programmatically, and the data is corrupted
  • NIM013932 - Label halos are lost when exporting a map to PDF format using ArcGIS Server (MapServer)
  • NIM031074 - Delta for circular curve may be stored larger than 180 degrees
  • NIM031116 - Allows copy/paste from Access or SDE with long domain descriptions to work when going to file geodatabase. Personal geodatabase allows a description as long as 255 characters. File geodatabase was limited to 160 characters
  • NIM031210 - A relationship may be broken when synchronizing several generations of changes involving a feature and its related data with a 2-way replica
  • NIM031256 - Cartographic line symbols intermittently do not maintain CMYK color values when exported to EPS format from ArcMap
  • NIM031328 - Point symbol draws a larger size than designated in output when the map contains masking and character marker symbols
  • NIM031354 - Importing a .mxd that has a feature layer containing a large number of filters corrupts the Schematic dataset
  • NIM031372 - Improve memory usage for reading spatial referencing of TIFF format
  • NIM031373 - Auxiliary file (.aux.xml) created for NITF in 9.3 is not readable in 9.2
  • NIM031426 - The UPPER and LOWER SQL functions do not work on the right hand side of a join
  • NIM031451 - Running the Dissolve tool repeatedly causes the operation to slow down and eventually the tool fails with an error

The list of fixes will be updated with ArcSDE issues some time later. I'll add my favourites once it is published.


  1. This is for Zorko who is a GIS consultant
    I am a GIS Student and would like to learn lot from experienced consultant like u
    would u help?
    How many formats in Arc GIS are there like mxd,aus,rrd
    and in which component which will get open? Thanks

  2. Hi

    This question is very generic. An answer is not simple for a reason that ArcGIS is not a single product but a suite of applications and technologies.

    If you are interested in Desktop product have a look at for general information.

    More specifically for format have a look at for some answers.

    It is difficult to answer since you may be asking about vector data, raster, 3D format as well about document formats like MXD is.

    If you have a specific question I may be able to help.