Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Map Makers DVD

Yesterday I have joined a local library and decided to have a quick look at the DVD section. To my surprise I saw "The Map Makers" DVD. This DVD was released in 2004 but this is the first time I've seen it. Being in the public library to get this item out you don't have to pay. :)

The DVD contains 3 episodes with duration of about 50 minutes per episode. Here are brief descriptions op episodes.

The Waldeseemuller Map 1507
This episode tells a story of mapping the New World. The map is unique in particular because this is the first map showing America as a new continent and naming it America. This very interesting story will tell you everything from beginnings of this map all the way to its purchase by the Library of Congress for $10,000,000.

The Mercator Atlas
This particular episode tells a very interesting story of maps as extremely valuable possessions for kings and queens. In 16th century lot of the "Old World" wasn't mapped with great accuracy so maps with detailed coastline (of England), like one made by Gerard Mercator, was of great value for military not for England but for potential invaders as well.

The D-Day Invasion Maps
This is modern day story of tremendous effort taken to map coast of Northern France where D-Day landings will take place. During 2 years huge collection of material was gathered; over 8 million photos and other materials. BIGOT classification was also mentioned in this episode.

If you haven't seen this yet I would recommend you do. Even my 14 year old daughter found it interesting. DVD can be bought in New Zealand from "MovieStars" web site and for Australia check Dymocks web site.

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