Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mars - up close and personal

University of Arizona has a new web site - HIRISE. On this site you can view images of Mars taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Right now, there is over 1100 images available for viewing and download.

This spacecraft is carrying a high resolution camera. I mean HIGH RESOLUTION, like 30cm/pixel. That is better that QuickBird images!

The image files are HUGE, for example full resolution image in JPG2000 format is about 1 GB. Picture size is 20 000 x 40 000 pixels.

As an alternative you can download image viewer and view them in lower resolution.

If you want to see these images go to the HIRISE site and have a look. Images are stunning and really interesting.

Don't expect to see any Martians there, they must be shy...

P.S. I'm sure Ray Bradbury is enjoying these beautiful images.

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