Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cartographic Relief Presentation - reissue

Just like ESRI has heard my wishes. For a quite some time I was trying to buy this Eduard Imhof's book but with zero success. Since the first time I have seen his maps and read chapters of this book I knew I have to have it.

Even before I knew of Imhof I liked his maps. How? In the days of my primary school we had an atlas published in 1971 featuring maps done by Imhof. For people from my part of the world, it was "
Nas svijet. Zemljopisni atlas svijeta za VI i VII razred osnovne skole." This is an excellent atlas and it was one of my favourite school books.

Back to the book. Here are the details about it and how to order it. It costs only US$60 (for an English translation from 1982 the asking price was about $300 from bookstores that actually had it). I'll post more comments again here once I am finished reading it.

If you would like to find more about the Eduard Imhof and his work have a look at the following sites:


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